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  • Inspiringly delicious recipes

    Cake n Flakes will inspire you with delicious and achievable recipes that are relevant to your life, while giving you the know-how and skill to bake with confidence and success every time.
  • The “Why” of baking

    Cake n Flakes specialize in teaching not only the "how" but also the "why" of baking, giving home bakers the know-how, understanding and skills to bake with confidence and success each time.
  • Sharing Values

    We believe that baking and designing should be valued, and most importantly - it should be shared. Our ultimate goal is to connect home cooks with the magic of baking and through this, the people they love.
  • Love made edible

    Baking can enrich people's lives on so many levels and connect them with people they love. It warms the heart and feeds the soul. Baking is love made Edible.

Why People Choose Us

  • 24/7 Access

    Unlock your class at any time.

  • Follow Along

    Learn at your own pace with detailed step  by step online instructions.

  • WOW service

    Delivering 'WOW' service to students and each other exceeds expectations and honour commitments.

  • Affordable

    Our philosophy is to offer affordable tuition to anyone with a desire to enrich the pastry arts field.

  • Personalized support

    Our low student to teacher ratio helps ensure you get the individual attention you need in order to succeed.

  • Access in Multiple Languages

    The videos are available in 4 different languages-Hindi, English, Malayalam, Arabic

Our Satisfied Clients


I had my Cake decorating session from Cake n Flakes actually a few years back. Even at that time they were doing a really great job!! I was a beginner in designing and their session helped me a lot. All the recipes, tools and techniques were taught in the class that helped me to get an entire idea. Heartfelt thanks to Azmi and Akhila. Cake n Flakes  is a great place for all who try to acquire baking and designing skills!


I have attended the Wedding Cake Master classes here. Azmi Ma’m has thoroughly taken us through all the basics of cake baking and given some tips and tricks for a good design. She taught us how to decorate our cakes and also explained different mediums of decorations. Absolutely loved her teaching and thoroughly enjoyed the class.


Coming from a background with no cake experience whatsoever I have learned an amazing amount of information on how to make beautiful cakes. Their classes have been a great learning experience with a great teacher!


I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all you’ve done to help advance me in my baking career.  Without you I probably would have found another calling in Life.  I’ll never forget the guidance, care, & love you put into everything.  I’ll never forget where my roots are and the happiness I shared.


I Started baking as a passion…. Learned from social networks but when it takes as a business, we need to study more about cakes. leveling, sharp edges n so on….Then I started searching for the best teachers of cake decorating classes/school. There is no better teacher or curriculum that combines the hands-on training with one-on-one attention that students need to become  a successful cake decorator.  Azmi is a great teacher and mentor, and I highly recommend Cake n Flakes to anyone looking for a career in cake decorating


In appreciation with utmost respect and gratitude for the professionalism and patience you have shared with us.  Thank you so much and hope for your continued success


I attended cake baking and decorating class with cake n flakes and I was very pleased. Azmi &A khila are patient and conscientious teachers who really take the time to make sure you understand what you are doing and that you get all the techniques right. We learnt each and every detail step by steps with full guidance. It was a hands-on workshop and we easily understood all the tips and tricks. Their baking and decorating skills are amazing with 100% perfection


I am very thankful to you for giving me this wonderful class. This class has inspired and helped me in enhancing my knowledge and skills…i understood the technique and methods of baking. I am looking forward to more such classes from your side… with various other knowledgeable and new varieties of cakes your response and support is very much to be highlighted.. thank you cake n flakes


My baking career wouldn't have been the one it is today, if Cake n flakes hadn't moulded by passion and skills perfectly!! Their classes gave me the confidence to take up Baking as a profession. And I would proudly say, my venture Bake n Make was built up on the foundation laid by her. From 1 to 2 orders per month, I became a busy Homebaker today only because of the best guidance and support you gave me when I needed it the most as a beginner in Baking. Thank you so much dear!!!


Thank you so much Azmi for the wonderful wedding cake class. It was absolutely great..! I think no one would take a chance to share these pro techniques like this. A simple, neat, cut and clear explanation. Looking forward to many more classes like this!


I attended the two days Wedding Cake Class by Azmi mam (Cakes n Flakes) in March 2021.
I absolutely loved the class. She was very friendly, helpful, patient and did give us individual attention. She really takes the time to make sure you understand what you are doing and that you get all the techniques right. I truly enjoyed it and I had a sense of achievement when I made my own engagement cake successfully. Regardless of her busy schedule, she guided me at each stage of its completion. I learned so much and I appreciate the fact that you were willing to share some of your secret tips too.. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to  Azmi Mam and Team for that wonderful session.
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